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  1. Curry Nigger beheads granddaughter for "good harvest"
  2. Are the Irish a lower order of European humanity? (old-school ix tribute)
  3. 13 eunuchs killed in fire in India
  4. Terrorist Group Setting Up Operations Near U.S. Border
  5. Muslim men first to be found guilty of sex hate crime
  6. Why Indian Programmers are not good value
  7. Strange Article
  8. Red injuns big alcohol problem sue beer makers
  9. Hindu Upitty?
  10. Malaysia sentences Los Tres Hermanos Chingados to death over drugs
  11. Vagina Brightening
  12. Papua New Guinea Police arrest Cannibal Gang which has been Eating Witches
  13. Sydney protests have damaged Australia's multicultural reputation
  14. Wese Alls Bese Malala
  15. Obama Seeks to Empower Gypsies
  16. One hand washes the other, while the other is clapping with the clap
  17. Man sues wife, wins $120k after their 'ugly' baby is born
  18. Insulting the Prophet: Serious Business
  19. Action on “Indian Time”
  20. Cell Phones, Yes; Toilets; No
  21. Tribal Resistance to Vaccination Juju Blamed on Insistence on Catching Osama
  22. American Nigger gets UK Wogged
  23. Jeez, I just love a good diatribe about white privilege
  24. Meet Mr Poo - India's anti-public defecation mascot from Unicef
  25. Islamic State jihadists issue 30-minute killing spree on video
  26. Teenager Forced to Marry Stray DOG INDIA