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  1. Economic Collapse Guns
  2. Yo, Icon, I've found your body armour medicine
  3. Better stock up on ammo now...
  4. Bob Munden
  6. British sniper Craig Harrison (The Silent Assassin) breaks record, kills target from 1.5 miles away
  7. The Taliban What?
  8. The Gunfights Of Col. Charles Askins
  9. Ct. Jew: founders wanted gun-control
  10. Silencers/Suppressors
  11. AR-15 v Ak 47 v Mosin Nagant
  12. Best new guns of 2011
  13. A 10 Thunderbolt
  14. LA watchmaker smokes 5 nigs
  15. Remington and the US Army are Surplussing and Raffling off 4,000 M24 Sniper Rifles
  16. 2 new Russian guns our troops may face on the battlefield
  17. Can your smartphone do this?
  18. Pizzas for Patriots
  19. Slavtard shoots Desert Eagle Pak 9
  20. The Last Lee-Enfield
  21. Texas Navy to patrol Rio Grand
  22. Stevens shotgun
  23. Who is Going to Soak Tomorrow’s Battlefield with What?
  24. Strum Ruger says it cant keep up with orders.
  25. Revolver shotgun
  26. Kefefs Greek sniper rifle
  27. Machine Gun Boy
  28. Remmy XM2010
  29. AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol
  30. Bear saves man
  31. PB pistol
  32. Anzio 20/50 rifle
  33. Zombie Guns
  34. US Navy's Creepy Firefighting Robot in Development
  35. Accuracy International
  36. WWII Spitfires to be unearthed in Burma
  37. Obama is named gun ‘salesman of the year’
  38. Russian shotgun
  39. Rugers new 22/45 lite
  40. Concealed Carry Chinos
  41. An Excellent Reason to Keep and Expand “Stand Your Ground” Laws
  42. Russian holster cocks gun
  43. How to tell a cop you're packing...
  44. California man turned water gun into shotgun, police say
  45. Odd Swedish rifle
  46. Flex your Mossberg
  47. Gun Porn: Winchester 1873 Cal .44-40
  48. Zombie Bullets In High Demand Following Flesh-Eating Attacks
  49. The Battle of Midway: 70th Anniversary
  50. Para USA Black Ops 14-45 ACP
  51. Chiappa Rhino 40 DS
  52. Thompson Center Demension
  53. Yugoslav Tokarev
  54. 91/30 upgrades
  55. U.N. gun grabbers
  56. Average American Gun Owner
  57. most shots in combat miss, most hits r poor ones.
  58. If a scoped rifle groups 1" at 100 yds
  59. Easy to make a silencer for a hi-v rifle.
  60. Switzerland's Plan to Keep it White
  61. Dueling in NYC
  62. reloaders can make a .25 ACP pierce Kevlar
  63. I wrote THE book on making silencers.
  64. NO bolt action amounts to a rat's ass.
  65. so he flops around a bit, after being shot, so what?
  66. 223AR=5x as fast repeat hits as bolt action
  67. if u can't even do it with airsoft or.22
  68. The Tok won[t fit in a pocket, idiot.
  69. I put my AR against an Enfield at the range.
  70. shtf, .22 in your torso means death,
  71. u GOTTA get a shooting timer. $100 or so
  72. it'd be SO easy to cost Big Bro billions of $
  73. uu dont want lots of guns.
  74. Title II gunmaker's license costs 1k a year
  75. fastest ccw belt rig draw/hit, 10ft, is .90 sec
  76. It has begun
  77. gunfights are dynamic. u have to do something
  78. even in "open wear" states, u often can't
  79. Columbine school had an armed guard.
  80. are you FIT?
  81. most are so slow, 5 yd away man can
  82. A "can" makes an M4 sound like a .22lr.
  83. "bullet button" Cali NUT TALK
  84. u want "better" gun threads, YOU start some.
  85. Favourite sub-machine gun
  86. I'm sure that most of you lops WERE happy
  87. U.S. Marines replace the M9 Beretta
  88. Return of the .45 ACP Luger.
  89. .303 British Calibre Service Ammunition Round
  90. Demonrats introduce bill to ban online ammunition sales
  91. The FMG9 Folding Machine Gun.
  92. The world’s first 3D-printed gun
  93. Fat Albert and the Blue Angels
  94. How to silence a .22 HG, 9" overal length.
  95. 1.0 second.
  96. Know how far away a horse can be hit
  97. I've owned over 100 guns
  98. 100 guns in 30 years is not much.
  99. Airsoft "guns" can help you learn a lot.
  100. Making a Gun or Ammo stash Tube.
  101. I don't owe you ANYTHING
  102. google Brian Enos's forum
  103. Shaken, not stirred
  104. not much activity here,
  105. What's your carry gun? What's your go to HD gun?
  106. How to maximize your practice time.
  107. shotgun aint waf, really.
  108. why have JUST a .22, or JUST a centerfire
  109. Riot control nickel 12 guage cartridges
  110. Time &$ spent on "sport only" guns can't
  111. the "bill drill" is a draw, 6 hits on chest, 7 yds,.
  112. want a way to test your draw speed?
  113. so I "shouldn't have guns" eh?
  114. DARPA Offers Grant Opportunities for Spies
  115. the reason so few reply is they don't KNOW
  116. I've spent about 45 years refining "arsenal"
  117. While normal handgun ammo can't damage organs
  118. timer proves a 9mm can=7 hits per sec
  119. I Raise M4, hit 5 guys faster than u with 12 ga
  120. HOw choke is determined.
  121. u won't center the buck blast on the man
  122. 460 Rowland cartridge
  123. Use the little saw from exacto knife kit,
  124. few people have everything.
  125. get college loans, 48k to go for 4 years.
  126. google for GunBroker.com, gunsamerica.com
  127. Video: Return Of GunKid
  128. engine blocks stop anything but .50 bmg
  129. Samurai Warriors (History Channel)
  130. .17 Rem rifle has same momentum as 9x18 Mak
  131. all high velocity rds in rifles, pierce Kevlar.
  132. men ALL "think" that they are good shottists,
  133. slowfire accuracy is kid stuff.
  134. bullets actually have to come out of the gun
  135. let's see you GET some KTW's mailed to you,
  136. u IDIOTS beleef everything Dirty Hairy sez
  137. Gotta watch out, reloading and casting gear
  138. prone doesn't work in the field, very often
  139. React, draw ccw, brain hit, 10 ft, 1.2 secs
  140. In 1978, I bought 10,000 rds of .45 ACP BRASS
  141. Average cop needs 2.0 secs, react, draw,
  142. If not for sport, why bother with a belt gun
  143. NYPD Firearms Training
  144. Modele 1892 Lebel
  145. 13 Rules Of Gunfighting
  146. Girl shooting 22 magnum derringer
  147. Gun ID legislation may trigger exodus of gunmakers Remington, Colt
  148. Prepare Thysef
  149. Nigger shoots white man
  150. Gun Sales Hinge on Obama Re-Election
  151. Hi Point C-9.
  152. Booze and Guns
  153. iPhone 5 vs. .50 cal
  154. Guns fired underwater and Bullet Flowers
  155. Chinese Raunch First Praneress Aircraft Carrier
  156. Fidel Castro Hired Nazi SS to Train Military, German Intel Documents Reveal
  157. Northop Gruman special ops vehicle
  158. NY court rules shooting victim can sue gun firms
  159. After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
  160. Toyota Hilux,wheels for todays insurgent
  161. Chuck Woolery on assault weapons
  162. Jew York Times Flogs Black Ops II Photoshop as 'Syria Rebel'
  163. where is your nerve agent FAGGOT?
  164. Happiness is...
  165. Obama to bypass congress to ban semiautomatic firearms
  166. Obama Administration’s First Funding for “Skynet” Structured Machine Learning
  167. I like the 5.45
  168. Picked up a MEC 600 jr.
  169. Mosin Nagant M91/30 - has anyone used this?
  170. Maine: Cop hassles law-abiding gun owner
  171. Python hunting season in Florida opens
  172. Proper handgun grip video
  173. Invisible soldiers
  174. Ruger Mini 14
  175. The AWB buy list
  176. Will 3d printing render any future mag ban ineffective?
  177. A couple of ammo questions
  178. Ex-ATF official's gun ends up at Mexican cartel shootout that killed beauty queen
  179. Gun investor exits the business
  180. Saddam's Guns Found in Jersey
  181. Canadian Breaks Unbreakable Code, Speaks Like Pigeon
  182. Click, Print, Shoot: Downloadable Guns Possible
  183. Got a new night stand gun
  184. Magazine trades?
  185. Cleaning guns
  186. Wz.88 Tantal or parts kit
  187. Critical problem with Ruger and Keltek ccs.
  188. Rapist's viewpoint
  189. Slack triggers in small cc.
  190. Glock 17 9mm pistols replace Browning for UK forces
  191. Marines soon see the last SAW
  192. Sporting ammunition and the firefighter
  193. Pass this on to the uneducated.
  194. Bump Firing
  195. 22 TCM
  196. Robbery victim wants to thank Good Samaritans who came to his rescue
  197. We could use a few more pacifists like this.
  198. Gun Control
  199. Gun Accident: Man Shoots off His Penis
  200. Feinswine's List
  201. The short-lived VEPR
  202. Media/Democrats keep lying about Sandy Hook AR-15
  203. Seattle Gun Buyback Gets Hijacked
  204. Zompocalypse Now: America’s Training Wheel Tribalism
  205. Ultimate Hog Gun
  206. Joan Baez Sings: Pull the Triggers, Niggers, We're With You All the Way
  207. Trijicon RMR
  208. How To Kill A Drone.
  209. AK-74 issue mags (as new) at AIM
  210. Why are people buying up .22 shells ?
  211. Dragon Man- The most Armed American Citizen.
  212. The most tactical AR15 ever
  213. Proposed AWB in Mo
  214. Eavesdropping Devices that Disappear - Ur Gummint at Work
  215. Cheese's New Revolver
  216. Colorado Democrats: Trashing the Constitution?
  217. Firearms manufacturer ends sales to New York in wake of new gun law
  218. Gun Tourism in Guam
  219. 5 Ridiculous Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)
  220. Pizza shop offers 15% discount for gun owners.
  221. Medal of Honour for Drone Pilots and Hackers
  222. Ammo Price finder
  223. Ni**er Guns
  224. I Like The Way This Guy Thinks
  225. "No More Hesitation" targets
  226. Eye Dominance
  227. 9mm Guns Suck?
  228. Interesting read about making your own dum-dum bullets:
  229. Consumers Guide to AK-47s
  230. Zombie Target .pdf
  231. New toy, M1895 Nagant Revolver
  232. Could CCW Have Taken Out James Holmes?
  233. Yay! Bipartisanship!
  234. Demand Hypocrite Celebrities Go Fuck Themselves
  235. Buffalo Bore .357 Magnum Heavy Bullets
  236. How to make your own CCW steel rimmed hat
  237. Have you ever had to draw on another person?
  238. Foul Denver Municipal Code on Guns
  239. Colorado a Model For Democrat Anti-Gun Laws
  240. FBI: May We Have Our Drone Back, Pretty Please?
  241. How to Fly a B-29
  242. Medic discusses wounds of various rounds
  243. A Rifleman's Journal Host Offs Self
  244. AR 15's
  245. Some people need to be shot?
  246. Censored cupcakes: US school removed toy soldiers from kid’s birthday cake over violence fears
  247. Colorado Democrats Attempt to Extort Sheriffs on Gun Control
  248. Decent red dot sight?
  249. Colorado IS this stupid
  250. AK Thread