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  1. Стать светящей звездой
  2. Cesium from Fukushima plant fell all over Japan
  3. Chink-fil-A
  4. Russian eats Drinking Partner after running out of Party Snacks and sells leftovers at market
  5. Tibetan Protestor who set himself on fire and sustained 98% burns dies
  6. Chinese Takeaway Owner fined £2000 for dead flies, mould and floors covered in Grease
  7. Chinese boy 'sells kidney to buy iPad'
  8. "Just Because" (White guys and Asian girls)
  9. Chinks eat people(Cannibalism in Asia)
  10. Obama Offers Grants to Interfere in China’s Internal Affairs
  11. Chinese Restaurant Owner hurts Kittens
  12. As China ages, WWCD?
  13. North Korea executes army minister for drinking during mournng period
  14. Gooks dis the chief nigger
  15. Chinamen Use Machetes to Kill Deer in El Dorado County, CA
  16. Time to Learn Chinese
  17. Time to Learn Chinese
  18. Stupid Tibetans
  19. Boat People SOS, Inc.
  20. I'm an Asian Woman and I refuse to ever date an Asian Man
  21. Asian mob attacks 3 Whites in Boston
  22. Elderly Asian man guns down blacks
  23. What do Chinks look like?
  24. Chinese Zoo caught substituting Dog for Lion
  25. Indonesia Says Taking Back Own Illegal Aliens will Violate Sovereignty of Giving them up in 1st place
  26. Vietnam Vets Return...to Surrender Again
  27. Fear of Global Warming Makes Eskimos Insane and Suicidal
  28. At least 33 dead in Mass Stabbing at Chinese Railway Station
  29. Man killed after attacker rips out his still-beating HEART and BITES it over noodle row
  30. I hate my life - the children of the yellow fever epidemic
  31. The Gooks of Hazzard
  32. Just ... NO!