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  1. Human footprint may be oldest ever found
  2. Scientists find that blue-eyed individuals have a single, common ancestor
  3. Iran, land of the Aryans
  4. NON-racist children may have defective brains
  5. What does it mean to be Human? (Neandertal Genome sequenced)
  6. DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'
  7. The New Hoomanism
  8. Afrocentrist commentary on the notion that King Tut's yDNA is European
  9. The Paleo-Etiology of Human Skin Tone
  10. The Noble Red Man
  11. Guy, are you really straight? How much do you like the smell of sweaty dirty women?
  12. If they all together had but a single neck...
  13. One Cannabis Joint Equals Smoking Up to Five Cigarettes
  14. Human evolution accelerating
  15. The Emporer's New Clothes
  16. L.A. schools' healthful lunch menu panned by students
  17. Africa for the Chinese
  18. Highly Toxic Mercury Present in Processed Foods, Yet FDA Does Nothing
  19. No Fear: Memory Adjustment Pills Get Pentagon Push
  20. Interesting White (IMO) Faces
  21. White Shrugs Responsible for All Racial Differences
  22. Pink News for the End of the World
  23. East Asian genetics
  24. My 23andme results
  25. The "Bride" May Now Bend over and Spread 'em
  26. Interracial Marriage in US at an All Time High
  27. Are Southern Europeans White?
  28. Beethoven's last movement: based on DNA from hair clipping that survived Auschwitz hidden in prisoner
  29. Dem Bones, dem Bones
  30. Race Finished
  31. Nigernian Gene Spammers Predated Actual Humans
  32. Hair color of unknown offenders is no longer a secret
  33. Black African Nobel Peace Prize winner happily criminalizes homosexuality
  34. Black Girls Marketable at Age 6?
  35. Homophobia is self-hatred
  36. “Kill Me, Kill My Children”, Self-Hater Moans
  37. Whites would never be profiled in Harlem or East LA, so kill us and eat our children...
  38. Dienekes: Rise of Planet of the Apes Postponed
  39. America Going Downhill Since 1900
  40. Norse shelter found in Canadian Artic
  41. How Dogs May Have Helped Humans Beat the Neanderthals
  42. How Germany became so PC
  43. Homosexuality and Mental Health Problems
  44. The physical phenotype of ancient Iranic (Aryan) tribes
  45. Pobol y Cwm
  46. Obama to Abandon Research into Whites in Genetic Basis of Diseases
  47. Why They Need to Demonize Whites, Explained
  48. Berbers- Are they White?
  49. Are Jews White?
  50. Big Chimpin: Anthro Student Attacked
  51. Are Yankee and Southron Whites Different Races?
  52. When did White become White?
  53. rug munchers don't do it
  54. Sex with early mystery species of humans seen in DNA, UW researcher says
  55. Dienekes: Stephen J. Gould's Legacy
  56. Leave it to the Beave - What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?
  57. Psychopathy
  58. $1 Million/Patient New Insane Asylum, plus $200K+ per yr forever; free cafe, gift shops, bank, salon
  59. My fiancé and I both have mental illness, are we Fit to Parent?
  60. Having Tribal Elders Led to all Human Genetic Advancement
  61. Aryans From Anatolia
  62. The Statsquatch: Tell Ron Unz Its Not 1975
  63. Kurtosis and Skewness of the Jewish Bell Curve
  64. The New, Aggressive Face of Diversity
  65. Just in Time for Obama's Re-erection
  66. The Neanderthal correlation
  67. Genes for breast size found
  68. White people are less likely to be gay
  69. Mouse Lifespan Extended Up to 24% With Gene Therapy.
  70. Three genes identified as possible markers for academic success
  71. National IQ ranking
  72. The smell of fear is real and contagious: study
  73. Death, Death Everywhere
  75. My Vision for Europe
  76. Galapagos Vermin Genocided with Corn Flakes
  77. Native American DNA found in UK
  78. Shape of Human Hand Evolved to Bully Others
  79. Europoid Types
  80. A modest proposal for racial cleansing
  81. Itz a Wonderful Race
  82. Philippines Passes Reproductive Health Bill
  83. Human Hand Evolved for Fighting
  84. Obama - “Specially Respectful Treatment” for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex Criminals
  85. Is the "top" in a homosexual sex act as gay as the "bottom"?
  86. Cousin Swillis Gumpf-Turner's Diaries Poll: How we should solve violence in the ZOG pub[l]ic skrewls?
  87. What is it Like to Teach Black Students?
  88. Spackers should be euthanised
  89. Will a white woman have the baby of a race her ancestors exterminated?
  90. Golden Dawn, America: The Blog
  91. Now, proof that straight means mentally ill and gay means healthy
  92. Obama on Disabled Transgender Arab and Hasidic Teen Dating
  93. Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining
  94. Actually, the Nazis had 42,500 Death Camps, and that was just for starters
  95. The Man-eating Animal Thread
  96. Would the West be better off after a nuclear strike on its major population centres?
  97. Anthropologists Gone Wild
  98. Psycho hose beasts want my cock
  99. The Republic of New Foundland: The Skull Cap
  100. The Auroch; Ancestor of Domestic Cattle
  101. U.S. Mothers Want their Sons to be Identified as Autistic
  102. Mouth-breathers.
  103. IQ and the g-Factor are Just a Load of Bullshit
  104. An older article interesting for the blue-eyed blonde claims
  105. Educators Want to Focus More on Junk Science
  106. European lineages and features
  107. More than 50% Increase in Suicide among White Middle-Aged Men - another reason to take our guns away
  108. Where'd Everything Go? The Old Fart Reading Glasses Thread
  109. Inequality, IQ, and Segregation
  110. Father absence in early childhood linked to depression in adolescent girls
  111. Wide-spread Jewish Support for Femdyke Child Molester
  112. Arsonist Firemen
  113. Is violence the best answer?
  114. Praise that More Whites are Dying than Being Born
  115. Is faggotry contagious?
  116. Clancy's relationship advice/psychotherapy thread
  117. Game theory and racism: the Schelling Segregation Model
  118. 'Bigorexia' could come with serious side effects
  119. ftDNA Results Thread
  120. Ancient White Cave Artists were Women or Homosexuals
  121. The only complete hominid skull from the early Pleistocene described...badly
  122. Wese Whide Racists Ain't Gots No Proper Edukasion
  123. Whites among First to Enter the Americas
  124. Looking back on 2013, when things were simple.
  125. France: So Jewish it is no longer safe for Commies and Niggers
  126. Developed Nations Must Abandon Meat AND Bread, Return to Millet Gruel
  127. BO & MO headed for divorce?
  128. 'Lost' Remains of Martyred Georgian Queen Unearthed
  129. Shocking Reasonable Anti-Hollywood CNN Article
  130. You Know You're Not a Faggot if:
  131. Calgary is one third Nonwhite
  132. Except for Being Bullied, Trannies are Normal
  133. Newly-Discovered Human Hand Bone Puzzles Scientists
  134. Black gays majority of LGBT community
  135. A genetic atlas of human admixture history
  136. 'The Nature of Race', new book by Chuck with ubersperg pdf reference list
  137. 43% of Serial Killers are Gay or Bisexual
  138. Medical “Experiments”
  139. Creatures Of Congress
  140. the times, they are a-changing...
  142. Our civilisation
  143. British made Pacific islanders fat by civilising them with fried food
  144. The Scientists
  145. A Warning From the Past, Lothrop Stoddard and The Rising Tide of Color
  146. Shedding light on Acadians
  147. Europe's Languages Were Carried From the East, DNA Shows
  148. Higher African genetic diversity caused by migrations into Africa
  149. The Pseudoscience of J. Philippe Rushton
  150. Do horses like/eat heather?
  151. Maggie Thatcher is a dog
  152. Tom Jones. Part Nigger
  153. Major study of ancient Euro DNA
  154. Men better at navigation
  155. Mystery 'hobbits' not humans like us: study
  156. Survey of Expert Opinion on Intelligence: Causes of International Differences in Cognitive Ability
  157. What is the 'Jewish Question'? Greg Johnson explains (alt right, JQ)
  158. Male or female brains?
  159. White Babies Be Racist
  160. women have no right to complain about men
  161. Nigger rule
  162. Race & Intelligence: An Interview of Charles Murray by Sam Harris
  163. Prince William is a Cuck