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  1. The Wisdom of the White Race
  2. Becoming God-like...A possibility or dementia?
  3. Are Jews Today Guilty For The Crucifixion?
  4. What does Genuine Art do?
  5. More teens becoming 'fake' Christians
  6. World Society, or Didn’t the Beguines Begin the Beguine?
  7. Suicide is a Crime?
  8. Greatest Christian value is TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--NOT "faith"
  9. Hail Odin
  10. The Nature of Reality
  11. The Big Ticket Question - Which Would You Be in the End?…
  12. Surely You can find a god to identify with among this bunch!
  13. The Consolidated Catholic Sex Abuse Thread
  14. Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
  15. Baptist Church Bans Interracial Couples from Membership
  16. Well, Well, Well, Another Pedophile Priest
  17. 'Keep Christ in Christmas' sign stirs controversy
  18. "Mary is in the Pink"
  19. Techno mass at Swedish church
  20. Norse Creation Myth
  21. Medieval gallery of daemons
  22. Origins of the Beatitudes?
  23. primordial atavistic worship
  24. Unless one copulates every day, he cannot have eternal life...
  25. Baal worship
  26. How Stalin became a Catholic
  27. Kiryas Joel
  28. Dialog on Personal Identity and Immortality (John Perry)
  29. Catholic Priest placed on admin leave...
  30. Women giving up their first born
  31. Four Amish charged with illegal alcohol possession after crashing into police car
  32. The Lord's Prayer
  33. Saint of the Day
  34. Jewish Paedophilia
  35. Teen exorcists
  36. Obama Communes at Anglican Church
  37. Human equality
  38. The Supreme Court’s immigration hearing: Human dignity not up for debate OR “What’s on YOUR Altar?”
  39. Reflecting on Human Respect
  40. National Cathedral to Install Statue of Rosa Parks
  41. Clans and Human Types
  42. Faggotry and Christianity
  43. Black Criminals, Racists, and Radicals
  44. So, who is going to Hell?
  45. Are Some Interpretations of Christianity Incompatible With Quantum Mechanics?
  46. Liberalism is a Sin
  47. Hitler as a God
  48. The Cube Box hypothesis
  49. Convert to Traditional Catholicism
  50. Makow Interviews Bro. Nathanael
  51. The Peculiar Institution
  52. Synagogue of Satan
  53. Paganism and the Conversion of C.S. Lewis | Clotilde Morhan
  54. I am protected by god
  55. What happens when Thetans get into your brain
  56. Jesus was not a Jew
  57. Scientology Controls Clearwater PD
  58. Christians Against Christ
  59. The Anglican/Episcopal Collapse
  60. Ancient Burial Box Linked to Priest Who Played Part in Christ's Crucifixion
  61. Nuns Meet and Greet to Weigh the Future of the Universe
  62. Long-winded skinny on Scofield
  63. The Saudi Royal Family
  64. New Age Spiritual Nazism?
  65. Fatwa: You may take it in the can for Allah
  66. 12 Steps? No, there are 30.
  67. The Bible, Homosexuality, and Jesse Jackson
  68. The American National Catholic Church
  69. Lebanese Christians against a Turkish film that incites religious hatred
  70. Christian Rationality Radio
  71. Papist declare prairie nigger a saint
  72. The definition of man
  73. Are Trolls Biblical?
  74. Holland: Catholic Grade Schools to be Abolished
  75. Christmas Cancelled in Brussels
  76. California Prisons Build Sweat Lodges to Raise Consciousness
  77. Are Jews The Chosen People?
  78. Did Condemning Sesame Street Star to Hell Drive Kreuz.net Finally From the Internet?
  79. U.K. Christianity down
  80. The Queen James Bible
  81. Flip a few votes here, please.
  82. Pope’s Speech on the State of the Church at the end of 2012
  83. The 21st Century version of individual moral judgment
  84. Aztec pyramids: Shirk?
  85. Kafa'a: who marries whom?
  86. Amusing Joel Osteen slip of tongue.
  87. Iblisitru confronting Christianity
  88. Islam Wants to Take Away Our Porno Videos
  89. National Cathedral to perform same-sex weddings
  90. What does it Mean to be White?
  91. Oh man oh man, what are you doing in Heaven?
  92. Is no one safe anywhere, even in Heaven?
  93. Satanists Support School Prayer in Florida
  94. Vatican supports gun control
  95. God is not fair, but Barack is...
  96. Pope Tweets.
  97. The Ten Commandments of Chivalry
  98. World's leading exorcist praises Pope Benedict
  99. In the Beginning...
  100. Jimmy the gay Mormon
  101. Women scholars define Genesis and Eve's "real" role vs Adam.
  102. La Santa Muerte
  103. O Islamophobe, there is an Anti-Semite behind me!
  104. Bells & Bullcrap
  105. Anti-gay rap
  106. Swanky Frankie
  107. Obaba's Gov on Earth to replace God in Heaven
  108. How One Became a Christian in 150 A.D.
  109. Back When Anglicans Condemned Star Wars
  110. The OTO
  111. Coexist With The Constitution
  112. Did Disney reinvent the Bible?
  113. 70-year old Kentucky Woman ordained as priest by 72-year old Neil Diamond
  114. US Military Bans Christian Expression.
  115. Islamic nonsense
  116. Esoterism and Christian Mysticism (Evola)
  117. The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses
  118. In praise of Ba'al
  119. Boo Is Getting Mean
  120. Obama’s New Moniker
  121. Christopher Hitchens
  122. Episcopal Church Defines Demon Possession as “Diversity of Spirit”
  123. Catlicks Take a Ride on the Pagan Side
  124. Christian Domestic Discipline: Spanking in the name of the lord
  125. Why parasites and not warmongers?
  127. Yoga in public schools is not religious instruction, judge rules
  128. Sainthood
  129. Popes, Presidents, And Priests
  130. Bishop: Catholic Mom Murdered by Gay Man ‘Died a Martyr for Her Faith’
  131. SSPX Italy Critical of Pope's Take on European Immigration
  132. About Christianity
  133. About Apologists
  134. Principles of Convenience
  135. The Fruits of Judeo-Christianity
  136. Rangers of the Pagan Forest
  137. The Protocols of Zion - A No-Forgery Declaration of War Against Christian Civilization
  138. Religious people are less intelligent than atheists
  139. The Holy See and the Jews
  140. Envy & The Tyranny Of Numbers
  141. Moral Horse Manure
  142. Another Violent Import?
  143. What is Your Expected Afterlife?
  144. Story of Jesus Christ was 'fabricated to pacify the poor'.
  145. Vatican Misspells Jesus’ Name on Papal Medal
  146. The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews
  147. Socialists & Taqiyya
  148. Catholic fringe disrupts Kristallnacht ceremony
  149. Illinois Bishop Plans Same-Sex Marriage Exorcism
  150. Popular Norwegian anchorwoman ordered not to wear cross necklace on air
  151. With friends like Costco, who needs muzzies?
  152. Angola bans Islam?
  153. How Many of Aslan's Signs Do *You* Remember?
  154. Largest Muslim Gathering of Norway Demands the Stoning of Adulterers and Homosexuals
  155. Pope Neuters The First Amendment
  156. ACLU and you-know-who Demands Catholics Perform Abortions in Lawsuit
  157. Unconstitutional Moral Fallacy
  158. Fox News panties in bummy bump over new spy agency logo.
  159. Soledad, Mojave, & Manhattan
  160. Different Kinds of Intuition and Metaphor
  161. The Peaceful Night by John Milton
  162. The Suicide of our Peoples
  163. Saudi Wahhabi-ism
  164. Place The Comma
  165. Billions will Die, with the Good Rev. Dr. Lindstedt’s predictions coming true !!
  166. Annunaki of Nibiru
  167. Striking similarities in demons' conformation and character and color:
  168. Were the Arab Conquests a Myth?
  169. First Time a Cardinal is Charged with “Homophobia”
  170. Hear the Truth of YAHWEH
  171. The Murder of Sister Pahl
  172. Leftwing Christian Links
  173. Time Is An Invention
  174. How Jesus Became God.
  175. Britain "not a nation of believers." -- Former Archbishop of Canterbury.
  176. Supreme Court Decision in Greece, NY
  177. Actor Chris O'Dowd says religion is 'unacceptable'
  178. Herbert W. Armstrong Against Race Mixing
  179. who knew?
  180. Transgender priest to preach at National Cathedral
  181. The Truth
  182. Boundaries
  183. What 40 years in the wilderness have taught me
  184. God is not afraid.
  185. How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Vol. 2, The Monsters of Babylon
  186. The expansion of Moscow’s Orthodox churches – in pictures
  187. Mummy Mask May Reveal Oldest Known Gospel
  188. Asatru Heathen Temple to be Built in Iceland to Commemorate the Norse Gods
  189. The bohemian Brethren
  190. The Earth is flat, deal with it
  191. The Sagas of the (Viking) Icelanders Shed Light on Golden Age
  192. The Order of Alcántara
  193. Vladivostok 'to get tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world'
  194. Weird shit I've been watching on youtube
  195. Is the Pope Catholic?
  196. Black Cat
  197. Vatican Properties are Operating as Brothels for Priests
  198. Toronto Islamic Street Preacher's views on Canadian and Islamic laws
  199. You Are The Awakening
  200. Tempus est Iocundum
  201. Sindr - Papists Develop Confession Finder App
  202. If God is lying then Satan is right
  203. Proof That Denver Airport Is One Of The Most Evil Places On Earth