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    Magister Svengali

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    Wednesday, August 27, 2008


    Essays in Satanism is ONLY available here:
    Printed: 385 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, cream interior paper (50# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight).

    Foreword by Church of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore. Afterword by Church of Satan High Priestess Peggy Nadramia.
    "Magister James D. Sass is a sterling example of what it means to have studied! I’m not just referring simply to subjects common to the world of academia, but also the full gamut of alternative subjects related to the human animal and its variations of behavior, most of which are subjects that nobody is willing to talk about or even acknowledge. His writings and keen observations over the years are those of an engaging Satanic master who has devoured literally tons of lore throughout his life through his love of books. He has gained an uncompromising Satanic street sense through the varied experiences of his very interesting and sometimes macabre past. Here is wisdom and observation firmly grounded in Satanic bedrock from a true outsider! One who was born that way!" -- Magister Robert A. Lang
    "Essays in Satanism is a culmination of useful, worldly knowledge, keen observations of life unwashed, and fascinating introspection by Magister James D. Sass. There exists a certain dark l'esprit d'aventure throughout the book, as Sass evokes images of a childhood spent exploring the carnal world of unkempt nature; late-night, sordid cemetery excursions; battles of wit with cunning gypsies and wars of attrition with local scum-junkie criminals. Essays in Satanism reads as one-third survival guide, one-third narrative from a consummate survivor, and one-third imparted erudition. Undoubtedly any reader will find Sass's lessons on self-defense practical and a welcome departure from the common abundance of overblown and pretentious martial arts bullshittery. His tales of life on the seedy streets of Daytona Beach will fill the reader with equal parts contempt and laughter. The chapter on Deep Satanism, however, is sure to enlighten. This preview to the upcoming Project Faust reveals a bold, ambitious endeavor to bring the entire scope of human knowledge into detailed focus for those individuals who possess the vision and wherewithal to peer into the deepest of wells. Essays in Satanism is an intriguing, pleasurable (if not controversial!), and educating read which certainly earns a place among the top tier of Satanic Source material. Project Faust promises to up the ante, blowing the top off of intellectual stratification and setting the bar for the next generation of Satanists, who realize that breadth of perspective and details 'make the difference.'" --Mr. Obsidian

    "I have just finished reading Essays in Satanism for the third time and thought to pen down a few thoughts about it. On the surface level, I love the Old book feel to it (once you take the cover off) and the overall quality is very impressive! However digging deeper, I have been touched by this book very deeply as it conveys what I percieve to be some very important messages and perspectives. It is honest, it is brutal in it's deliverance and shows a very deep understanding of Satanism and more so a lifelong APPLICATION of Satanism. Each topic discussed is well researched and more so lived, either directly or by observation and that in my mind is the core of Satanism....Living. Satanists are the real Connoisiuers of Life. Having said that, my favourite essays are Deep Satanism, Satanism & Traditionalism, Repeated Fallacies of Idiots and Crybabies and last but not least, Bacon on Simulation & Dissimulation. I much loved the introduction to Project Faust and the booklist entailed within. Sensational. The list of essential horror movies was also delightful and has added a few films to my already long list.I eagerly await your next Volume.HS!" --Tekku

    "I received the book yesterday and finished it today. I don’t mean a quick skim through either. I went through page by page with a highlighter and pen. The book is fantastic. Even the essays in whole or in part that I had seen before were great to read again in the manner they were organized and presented. Magister James D. Sass has a gift for cutting the fat and getting straight to the meat of the subject at hand. The extensive coverage of Satanic self defense, and the “Project Faust” chapter alone make the book a worthwhile investment, but the lists that fill the book are the real icing on the cake. Comprehensive lists of important Books, Horror Movies, and the Satanic Cannon, along with references all along the way to obscure occult tomes and self-defense manuals, make this book a must buy for the references alone. I will have a great deal of new books, movies, and sources to explore after reading Magister James D. Sass’s work, and the only thing I can really compare it to is reading the bibliography for The Compleat Witch for the first time. There is also a classically evil sense of humor, that is right up my alley, running as a constant undercurrent throughout the entire text. I found myself cracking up uncontrollably at times, all the while getting a better understanding of just how honest and sharp the true Satanic sense of humor can be. I even learned a new word… “scumfucks”. Did I mention it’s hardcover? This book is great. Buy it or live in regret.Thank you Magister." --ABZU

    "Magister, I received my copy of "Essays in Satanism", last night and read it front to back. It was one of the most interesting, eclectic, and Satanic of books I've had the pleasure to read. The book was insightful in MANY different areas, and like the work of Dr. LaVey, was clearly laid out. Not to sound too much like a sycophant, but it was actually inspiring. The physical quality of the book is top notch as well! I - as a rank and file Satanist appreciate you publishing this work. You are a true guru of the macabre." --C.F.

    "Essays in Satanism is just the sort of terse, erudite collection of writing that you’d expect from Magister James D.Sass. The author immediately greets us with a short autobiographical sketch that sets the tone for his deeply Satanic opinions and instruction. The Magister writes in a no frills, straight to the point style that smacks of a true autodidact, not dissimilar to the manner of writing that attracted me to Doctor Lavey’s works. Svengali effectively dispels myths and misconceptions about Satanism and race, Satanic “cults”, and one particularly vile pseudo satanic shit disturber. He also introduces us to an extremely ambitious system of Satanic study that will be the focus of an upcoming book. The tail end of the book contains a dozen entries on Satanic Self Defense. This is subject that I was shamefully ignorant of. As you should expect, Magister Sass cuts right through the Karate school bullshit, and flies straight to the heart of defending oneself in real world, real time situations. Although I recognized some of the essays from blogs I stumbled across while researching subjects that I find interesting, there’s more than enough information you won’t get for free to make this book well worth the cover price. Buy It. Read It. Apply It." --Marcato

    "I have (literally, as I type this) just finished reading this excellent book and wanted to share my impressions of it. First, on a basic technical note, I was impressed by the high standard that this book was produced to. I'm not that familiar with self-published books but I know the quality is variable - apart from its lack of an ISBN number this books is indistinguishable from any of the other hardbacks on my bookshelf (and it carries a striking and utilitarian design to boot - Satanic aesthetics in action). In terms of its content I adored the directness of it - no subject was padded or skirted around, simply told as it is. Magister Svengali's style of writing is both simple yet authoritative, whilst at the same time lacking any sense of pretension. This book certainly didn't fall out of the window of an ivory tower. Be warned - it also takes no prisoners and is certainly not for the faint hearted. This no-nonsense approach was especially enjoyable in the articles that pertained to Satanism as a subject and the Church of Satan: these topics are discussed fully and without any attempt to make them palatable to those who do not hold Svengali's point of view. Don't like it? He clearly doesn't give a fuck. If one had managed to get through the Satanic canon with any apprehension as to whether they really are a Satanist or not then this book will put them straight on the matter. The articles on "deep Satanism" and "how not to be an idiot" resonated with me particularly - they should be required reading for anyone who wishes to term themselves a Satanist. Indeed, I think this book should come straight after the Satanic canon as required reading for followers of the Feared religion. Also the articles on the Church of Satan put to bed many of the myths and misconceptions that seem to be commonly held about it, invaluable for those new to Satanism or to non-members for better understanding of the organisation and why it is not the same as any other religious bodies (even so-called Satanic ones). Finally I would say that I was left with a strong impression that, Satanist or not, Svengali as a person is someone whose views and thoughts are based on experience and wisdom acquired through real life rather than philosophical musings and applied accordingly. One does not have to be a Satanist to see the wisdom of what he says, although I doubt few who aren't would have the strength of will to admit agreeing with him. I look forward to the second volume." --Scion

    "I have finally finished reading this book, as I took my time with it, absorbing everything. Excellent, through and through, Magister Sass! There is a lot of useful information in this diabolical tome. I view it as a sort of field guide for the Satanist. Magister James D. Sass' essays are not simple incendiary rants but works of undefiled wisdom tempered by years of experience. In this book, you will see him as svengali - evil mentor." --Fenriz
    "ESSAYS IN SATANISM has most certainly been a welcomed addition to our library. Having read many of these essays when they were first posted on the Internet it is a real treat having them available in book format, which is a perfectly fitting medium for Magister Sass’ work. Not only is ESSAYS IN SATANISM one of the most valuable sources for Satanic insight available, it’s also just a taste of things to come. I am extremely excited about PROJECT FAUST, as well as Magister Sass’ other forthcoming books. One thing that Magister Sass does frequently in his writings is make references to extraordinary friends and acquaintances he has known in his life; people who have great expertise in a particular field of study or experience who have made a positive contribution to his life - inspiring, thought-provoking, a wealth of information and insight. Magister Sass IS one of those people to me." --COFFINRUST

    "I've finished reading your book today, and I have to say it was a great read (and I don't know why it wouldn't be) all the way through! I had a hard time putting the book down. I'm very much looking forward to the next book. HS!" --Aleuranthropy

    "Essays in Satanism has been such an amazing read. It's been really difficult to put down. Not only are you a great story teller, but the educational aspects have been clear, to the point, and really easy to follow. Thank you!" --Paul

    "In his book "Essays in Satanism" Magister James D. Sass not only claims the existence of an Invisible War and that an integral portion of life-itself is strife and struggle for man despite his attempts to establish a civilization. Magister Sass even proves his claims without any failure in his understanding of the subject, in logic reasoning or in the clear propagation of his argument. During his Satanic discourse he furthermore provides the tools that allow the reader to stand his or her ground both physically and intellectually. He knows and communicates how to read a book (which is a question that only sounds simple), enforce the law and protect himself and his property. A marvelous tome!" --Emage Diakon

    "One of the most important aspects of being a part of the Church of Satan is, in my humble opinion, the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of individuals whose knowledge in varying fields far exceeds your own. What's more important than that is the opportunity to learn from them. Contained within the pages of Essays in Satanism is an education; a Masters study in Satanism, if you will. James Sass has put together the first of what will be many treatises on subjects that are not just near and dear to him, but to all of us that would call ourselves a Satanist. The "Deep Satanism" essay alone justifies the purchase of this book. It outlines for all of us methods of self education long since abandoned by the public schools, in favor of a more egalitarian, collective approach. Do yourself a favor: buy this book, study and apply these methods, and put yourself yet another notch above the herd. I anxiously await Project Faust." --Rev. David Harris

    "I've read just about half of the book so far, and I had to tell you that I truly believe (and feel privileged to exist during this time) that this is possibly one of the greatest works on true Satanism since The Satanic Bible itself. And along with The Satanic Scriptures, stands as testament to man's undeniable defiance in the face of religious oppression, and totally unmoving and unapologetic in the quest to reclaim man as beast. I have nothing but respect for you Sir." --Devil May Care Films

    Posted by Magister Svengali at 6:54 PM

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    Here's a recent interview with Sass, focused on the relation between laveyan satanism and cinema:

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    It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society"

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