More on what I alluded to earlier about Nazism and Asia:

General Yamashita also met and talked with Hitler, on whom he commented:

"I felt, that in the mind of Hitler there was much of spiritual matters, transcending material plans. When I met the Führer he said that since boyhood he had been attracted by Japan. He read carefully reports of Japan's victory over Russia when he was only 17 years old and was impressed by Japan's astonishing strength."[45]

According to Yamashita, Hitler allegedly promised to remember Japan in his will, by instructing the Germans "to bind themselves eternally to the Japanese spirit." In fact, General Yamashita was so excited that he said: "In a short time, something great will happen. You just watch and wait."
I've also read elsewhere to the effect that the Nazis aligned more with Japan than France spiritually, even though they were fellow Europeans. Hitler also stated that he believed the history of Japan and China was superior to 'our own'. That may seem less of a controversial statement today, but in his day it would have raised eyebrows among many racial thinkers in the West.

Unfortunately, this tendency toward Asiatics has a deeper history in Germany. Frederick the Great talked about bringing Turks to Prussia and building mosques, and Wilhelm II, himself very anti-Japanese, made very pro-Islamic statements during the Great War.