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Thread: New from Stumble Press: An Il Ragno Reader, the Boxed Set

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
    Yes, very tasty, but would someone please take away her AK and leather pants, in that order? With such a flagrant disregard for elemental rules of weapon safety and a gear-queer fetish, she shouldn't be in charge of anything more dangerous than the spatula with which she transfers her tollhouse cookies from the baking sheet to the plate.

    Still, if anyone's going to have an AK in that family, better her than Cotton Mather at the same address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
    And that explains, more or less, how Kentucky happened, along with parts of Missouri and maybe Southern Idaho.

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    Whoever put this together-- good work. Always good to catch up on some Ragno.

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