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Thread: What game are you currently playing?

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    I played Call of Duty once too as an American soldier, which was the only possible choice. I immediately started firing the other American soldiers in the back of their heads because I wanted the Reich to win, but part of the mechanics of this stupid game was that you couldn't harm ZOG.

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    Spake Hulk from 1993 in a web browser.

    The 'Allies' and the communists were manufactured for the purpose of profiteering from warfare, where there's a military industrial transnational complex, there is lucid financing, just like the war of northern aggression against southern America, it wasn't about freeing slaves, just putting them in factories and to divide and demoralize working class Americans. And if it wasn't blatantly obvious to you the war in the middle east is for Oil from which we derive plastic and petroleum.

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