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Thread: National Action March in Liverpool!

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    Post National Action March in Liverpool!

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    National Action March in Liverpool! 28/11/2015


    Last weekend National Action returned to Liverpool, for the whole day we marched flags flying across the city without opposition from the system pigs or the public, which enthusiastically joined our denouncement of vile communism. The gloom of Liverpool has been lifted.

    They claimed it could not be done. They claimed it was the end of NA. The last time members of National Action attended a demonstration in Liverpool, the political establishment under Labour Mayor Joe Anderson declared their opposition to our planned presence and sought to capitalise politically by mobilising an army of adult babies to crush the advertised march, which he did with a disgusting lie. Using every trick in the book to paint us as villains and turn the city against us, the week leading up to the White Man March saw us featured daily in the papers and discussed on national television. All this was done with the acquiescence of the police who failed in their obligation to protect our march and detained the legal marchers instead.

    We knew that if we didn’t return to Liverpool then the same thing would keep happening with politicians cashing in on their yellow razor gangs in return for political prestige.
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    national-action.info is down

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