I posted this in a journal circa 1985.

"My parents and older relatives have often said to me 'When are you getting married'. What if I don't want to? In my opinion, a man starts his decline as soon as he drops his knee and pops the question. After that, he will never again really have any money or anything to call his own, except for a bitchy wife and a bunch of aggravating little kids. There has got to be a better way. Staying single and living a party life is the answer for me. Why stay with the same old lady and listen to the same old yap every day? Many married men have asked this question far too late, and have promptly sued for divorce. Then, a dastardly disease called alimony sets in, draining a man of his life's earnings in exchange for freedom, while the old lady lives it up. Perhaps she purposely drove him to divorce in the first place. This is a cruel world full of cruel, deceitful women, and men should watch out and defend themselves to the best of their abilities."

I think this was a freshman course in college that required us to keep a journal. Page after page is a wonderful look into my life in 1985.

PS I never did get married lol.