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Thread: Hi-Point Does it Again!!!

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    Default Hi-Point Does it Again!!!

    If this 10 mm carbine is as reliable as the other Hi-Point carbines, it could be a seriously bad-ass little home defense weapon.

    According to the experts on Glocktalk who are never wrong, a 10 mm round out of a pistol doesn't just kill, it vaporizes.

    Out of a carbine, one peripheral hit should put a man into low earth orbit.

    So what if it's butt ugly?

    Me want....with a red dot and a laser sight.

    Hi-Point working on a 10mm Carbine: The 1095TS

    While the Ohio-based gun maker has been in the carbine business since 1995, on Monday they announced their newest offering in 10mm Auto.

    While details in the short teaser video above are scarce, the new model 1095TS is seen poking holes in paper and in a few tabletop shots. In a comment on their social media account, Hi-Point said the carbine is under development but cautioned there is no work on a companion pistol offering in the same caliber at this time.

    Starting with the 9mm, the 95-series pistol caliber carbines from Hi-Point Firearms have expanded over the years into .40S&W, .45ACP and .380ACP while morphing from the original “Planet of the Apes” model guns to a more refined TS -series in 2009 which is now standard.

    Across the line, the carbine series uses 10-shot single-stack magazines and, while initially offered in black, Hi-Point has made a point of introducing OD and FDE guns as well as a number of hydro-dipped camo finishes in recent years.....

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