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Thread: Proof That Denver Airport Is One Of The Most Evil Places On Earth

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    Default Proof That Denver Airport Is One Of The Most Evil Places On Earth

    Man the world is getting weirder

    Having recently been stranded in Denver Airport for 24 hours, I can tell you anecdotally that the place is hellish. Exit arrows point at each other instead of outside; corridors lead to nowhere; and security checkpoints seem to disappear mysteriously as you approach them.

    As you drive into the airport, you're greeted by a giant horse with glowing red eyes, and one of the terminals is decorated with a massive statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death.
    But I'm not the only person to notice DEN's dark aeromancy. The airport has been plagued by conspiracy theories about its true purpose almost since the day construction crews broke ground on it in the mid-1990s. Here's a collection of some the best conspiracy theory videos you've ever seen, all focusing intensely on what is perhaps the most weirdly evil airport on Earth.

    More at link...

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    Really all one needs to know about my fine local airport:
    RIP Brunn.

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