I haven't bought any new Remington stuff in eons, but considering the R51 pistol debacle and the less than stellar reputation of some of their other current offerings, and I can't say that I'm surprised.

It's kind of a shame, because they used to be pretty much the gold standard for mass market American made shotguns and bolt action rifles.

In my neck of the woods, well used 870 shotguns go for as much or more than new ones.

Fear & Loading: Remington Considering Bankruptcy Protection?

Reuters news service reported Feb. 8 that, ?Remington Outdoor Company Inc ? has reached out to banks and credit investment funds in search of financing that will allow it to file for bankruptcy ? .? People allegedly close to the issue, who requested anonymity, were cited as the primary source of the information, although there was no official statement in the story.

An earlier report from Reuters, last month, indicated the company was in negotiations with banking firm Lazard Ltd. to ? ? restructure its 950 million debt pile ? ? Cerberus Capital?the owner of Remington Outdoor?and the financial institution both declined to comment at the time.

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