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Thread: New research confirms Khazar hypothesis

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    Default New research confirms Khazar hypothesis

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    Interesting video. I have always wondered why so many joos do not appear to be semitic in the least. If the Khazar hypothesis is correct, you would think that there would be something in the traditions of Ashkenazi joos that tells them they are descended from converts and not descended from semites.

    I am reminded of a documentary I once watched regarding the Roma aka Gypsies. It seems that they are descended from peoples in India, but suggested (lied) in the 1800s that they are descended from Egyptians. Napoleon's expedition to Egypt had brought back the Rosetta Stone, and Europe was going through an Egyptology craze with books and traveling exhibits. Anything to make a quick buck or two.
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    The Khazar thesis was never really in doubt. Arab travelers told a story of a state in East Europe ruled by Turkic converts to Judaism. It seems that the Byzantine Greeks and Norsemen also knew about and did business with these people. The only caveat is that the place was actually not totally Jewish, only the rulers were - while they ruled over a populace of Christians, Muslims and Pagans also. In other words they were pretty much your typical Turko-Mongolian conquerors and didn't give too much of a damn which confession you belonged to, as long as you paid your taxes. But because of this I wonder how many Jews are actually descended from them. But, since they were a ruling aristocracy their dominant position may have assured more offspring and caused an outsized contribution to the gene pool in our current-day Jews.

    I don't buy, however, the story that Jews are *primarily* Khazarian, they're obviously mongrels - a mix of Med, Oriental (i.e. Syro-Aramaic-Arab etc), Negro, and God knows what else, there's probably even some Nordic in there by now. Certainly some of the Jews around my neck of the woods have some.

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