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Thread: Brexit is good for the US

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    Default Brexit is good for the US

    The EU is an economic alliance by European countries to compete against the US, so why would any American be against it? The only reason they'd be against the EU splitting is they want more non-whites in Europe or they're afraid a far-right dictatorship may arise in some European country (which, by the way, won't happen).

    US-Western European relations are like a suicide cult with one member having reservations. Western Europe is angry that the US won't jump off the building with them and surrender to Islam (less than 3 in 10 opposed the travel ban; we remember 9/11) or sacrifice economic growth for gullible warming. Leftists will always point out that our relations with these countries are deteriorating, which is true, but it has been caused by countries like France moving far to the left. Following them is weak. Aren't we supposed to be the world's leader? So it should be Sweden and Germany conforming to us, not the other way around. Who has ever heard a European leftist say "we need to tone down with this Islam worship so the US will respect us"? It's never happened.

    Obamao opposed Brexit, but he was a fake American, so...

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    or sacrifice economic growth for gullible warming
    I'd actually go along with the environmental leftists if they'd try to address overpopulation which occurs in third world countries. Very few do it - Bill Gates is one of them so I commend him for that. They don't because it's a scam to give money to left-wing scientists.

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    True, the lefties want Britain to disappear into their fourth reich eussr. No use letting the USA have any allies in europe if they can prevent it

    "Right way's the hardest, wrong way's the easiest. Rule of nature, like water seeks the path of least resistance. So you get crooked rivers and crooked men"

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