In this thread, I will be discussing and summarising

The book is a bit pricey, that is why. Informative book, though. Feel free to buy if you want to follow along with the actual text.

I will focus on the technical matter and the formulas -- you might call this thread 'great formulas and rules of thumb relevant to rocketry and comms'. I will also try to give, rather than the formulas themselves, some cut and paste javascript so you can do the calculations 'in your browser' (I'll show you how...).

Obviously, my chapter summaries will be extremely concise and thus limited in content -- but then you can always buy the book!

This thread is consciously a companion to the other 'training series' on Quantum Computing:

If you feel called to a Physics background, I recommend the free, online books at

'Light and Matter' should be more than adequate for a 'deep dive' into this thread, and 'Simple Nature' [calculus based] if you prefer. Orbital Mechanics needs the Calculus of course -- that's why it was invented:

is recommended for a fully competent beginner's course in physics (lots more advice in the Quantum Qorner threads of course).

'Rocket Science' (or even Orbital Mechanics) is, obviously, a very big topic and neither this thread nor the book cover all of it. In particular, there is a lot of technology involved in just 'getting off the planet'.

One 'must read' book, if you are interested in rocket propellants and chemistry is 'IGNITION!' [ PDF]

Mach Diamonds on the cover. #winning