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Thread: Topless in Las Vegas

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    Default Topless in Las Vegas

    If that isn't click bait, I don't know what is. Nice conservative site, though.

    Covid Decision Theater: Vegas Shutdown Continues
    I?m a big fan of vaccines but DAMN I?m skeptical of one that?s supposed to have been developed, tested, produced, and distributed in 6 months ? right in time for the re-election of our very own dictator.

    o/ and o7 to you too, ladies.

    The only question I’ve been mulling is whether we reopen after the election. The Nevada state budget deficit is rapidly approaching 50%. We have an unemployment rate of over 25% and our unemployment compensation fund has run out. And Wall St says the shutdowns have broken the Vegas economic model and at least 40% of our tourist revenue will never return. Half of our jobs are dependent on tourist revenue. It pays 40% of our state tax revenue.

    But the Democrat leadership, which is leading an insurrection, doesn’t care about any of that, and Sisolak is their willing puppet. He will keep Las Vegas closed until cows are grazing on the Strip.

    It's all raw HUMINT. And sometimes, it's just RAW.

    Take off your mask, for the lads. Sharia 2.0.

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