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Thread: Glitch or deliberate fraud?

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    Default Glitch or deliberate fraud?

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    There is no such thing as a computer glitch, there is faulty / corrupt programing, both intentional and non intentional and there are hardware failures, faulty components.
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    Dominion refused a hearing at the Pennsylvania state legislature. I don't think they would need lawyers in the first place unless they know they're guilty of something.

    I'm starting to think Biden only got around 45% of the vote and lost in a landslide. Nearly all votes from blacks are fraudulent. How do I know? Because most of them are illiterate. Something like 80% of NBA players aren't even registered to vote, and those are upper class blacks. Inner city ghetto hood rats would in theory turn out to vote at an even lower rate. There was an article saying that Diamond and Silk weren't even registered to vote in 2016, and the rapper Trump brought to one of his rallies named "Lil Pump" wasn't registered to vote in the 2020 election. It's pretty insane to think blacks would turn out at an equal rate as whites, who are driven by culture wars.

    I think that in the 1980's, the black turnout rate that was reported by the media was extremely low. I mean at the rate that Hispanics currently vote at today. What changed is that blacks started replacing whites in big cities and built large voter fraud machines.

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    So called "college educated whites" turning out for Biden more than Hillary Clinton is also a huge joke (they just happen to be clustered in urban, fraud-prone areas). That's as ridiculous as saying blacks turned out more for Biden than Obama. Hillary Clinton is the face of the academic left. Biden is the face of the stupid left.

    I think Biden is actually an inbred.

    There are not enough pedophiles and retarded people for Biden to have won fairly.

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