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Thread: What are you reading?

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    “A Time of War” by Michael L Peterson
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    I don't read much anymore, but if I did, it wouldn't be Black Athena by Martin Bernal. For the reason that this book is so bad, it has been a powerful force in black academia for 25 years. It is a whopper of a lie that has created a false mental framework among countless 21st Century special needs academics.

    I haven't read but a few pages, and the reviews at Amazon are just a whole lot better than the book, and from the very little of the book I've read, I'd say these reviews are probably dead nuts accurate. Although it is garbage, Black Athena has become the seminal foundation and bible of black studies programs throughout the US and elsewhere:

    Here's what people are saying ...
    "... a modern day struggle fomented by the author against about everyone else in the field."
    "... this book is not the discussion of the Greek civilization but the appropriation of Greek culture for the ideologically motivated construction of African (see African American) culture."
    "His "theories" ripped to shreds in academe, Bernal's laughable and embarrassing premise of the roots of Hellenic Culture has already been dumped on the slagheap of malignant, misguided history."
    "On the first page I looked at, I right away saw that this book was really a bunch of nonsense."
    "There is a strange phenomenon in our society to not believe the obvious and to belief the absurd - i.e. we can't explain how Stonhenge was built so therefore it must be built by aliens. Bernal's shoddily researched and poorly reasoned book is just that."
    "Here's a model for those unsatisfied with history: Re-write it!"
    "Bernal is absolute compelling--if you accept speculation for evidence. No serious scholar does, however, and one such scholar has surely sent Bernal running with his tail between his legs ..."
    "On the first page I looked at, I right away saw that this book was really a bunch of nonsense."
    "The Exchange of letters can be found at No rationale or objective reader can walk away from Black Athena Revisited and Not Out of Africa and not recognize that Bernal's major claims are exaggerations at best and spiteful falsifications at worst. Of course, Bernal was clever enough to know that conspiracy theories are attractive, and, when coupled with an appeal to aggrieved populations, irresistible. The book has sold, despite the solid scholarship that has exposed it as the fraud it is."
    "Those who promote this book and others like it, are promoting their own racist agendas ..."
    "The author seems to apply enormous force behind a model that has no foundation."
    "Bernal is anything but academic on this one issue."
    "I was excited to read this book but when I did I realized it was nothing more than fiction and myth being written as fact due to racial/social/political agendas. It's sad to see people twist a few historical facts to their own motives."

    Well, if you simply considered the maritime and ship-building wherewithall, the math skills, scientific inclinations and philosophical acumen (wisdom, call it) of blacks today as it has trickled down through millenia, and you wouldn't bother with this book.
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    ?Walking the Amazon? by Ed Stafford

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    Sam Crow: it wasnt my fault my employee burnt that house down.


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